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Veasna Nak Snorng Trokol [24 End]

The narrative of searching for a mysterious recipe was somewhat charming. It is one of those accounts a rich and rather spoilt male lead and a nice, generous female who loves to eat, prompting him tracking down his 'heart' back. Notwithstanding, things began to get a little draggy towards the end as it simply circles around Qiao Ling and her plans. In any case. I should say Wen Feng is a seriously cute person, the manner in which he gets envious and whimsical around Xiao He. Jun Hao is additionally the ordinary mindful and delicate person that puts forth a valiant effort to get his adoration. I truly do appreciate that about his personality on persevering on what he needs, yet have his standards to hold, being benevolent yet in some cases rather feeble.

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